Thursday, May 26, 2011

Scottie is a Hottie McCreery!

Scottie McCreery.Yea! Scottie, "baby lock them doors and put the lights down low" is our newest Idol, just as predicted by Aunt Lulu on the night they aired his audition.  Scottie seems to be all the things that makes an American Idol, talent, personality, showmanship, and he's a real cutiepattutie.  We can't wait to see what he's going to do this next year. 

Will Win American IdolWe can't say enough good things about Lauren.  I personally have been watching Idol since day one except for those two really bad years, what the heck was that!  I can't remember ever there being a sweeter contestant that Lauren.  She is so genuine and young, she probably made all the mommas cry last night.  We really hope that she gets as far as she'd like to be in her career.  P.S. who knew that Carrie Underwood had legs like she had last night?

On a side note, You all got to meet our Biggest Loser yesterday, hope it was pleasant.  Molly does make us laugh a lot with her sense of humor. 

Don't feel sorry for her because she says that she has such a busy life, she's just trying to get attention.  We're Irish from Southern California, she's made flight reservations for the Jersey Shore and all of a sudden she has a tookus?  Puhlease.  Her schedule is jam packed but she also has a personal assistant that does her cleaning, laundry, cooks for her household and every mother's dream come true, a teenager that drives and can run errands, Hello!

Molly is also very beautiful and could pass off as a sister of a Khardasian, but don't tell her I said so!
photos were copied from AOL

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