Friday, April 29, 2011

Meet Numero Tres!

Me and my hubby of 17 years
     Hello, it's me #3, also known as one of the "little" Green Girls; also known as Elizabeth but mostly called Buffy.  I have a special woman in my life whom I can always call with the biggest and the smallest news.  This woman has always been there for a good laugh or a much needed cry.  I have talked to her many times over the years about her childhood and the amazing life that she has led, she's taught me the importance of telling my kids my stories and sometimes Nana's too, keeping those memories alive.  But most importantly, she has taught me that the dishes with be there tomorrow, the furniture and floors will always need to be cleaned, but my children will remember the times their mom stopped and made a sand castle, dug for sand crabs and played in the waves with them.  I am so proud to call this woman my mom. 
Our favorite Green Girl!
     Growing up there was one thing I could count on, if we, the three little Green Girls were sent to bed early on a Friday night, we were in for an adventure the next day.  What my mom will gladly admit is that she has an addiction to magazines and sometimes while browsing through one of her magazines, she would come across an interesting place somewhere in the corner of nowhere.  This "nowhere" place became a place that she needed to visit and it was always fun.  It could be an old school house tucked away in a small town or a place that makes the best apple pie you have ever eaten in your life.  It may be a small town museum, it may include a carriage ride.  I have giggled in the backseat of the car with my sisters until I'm blue in the face.  On more than one occasion I have had the opportunity to point out to my baby sister Jessica, the exact rock that we found her on :)  What I appreciate the most is that I was given a gift to give my kids, I learned to create memories.
     A couple of summers ago mom gifted me with a memory that I can keep giving to my children.  On this particular weekday morning, we decided that we want a beach trip.  Mom was elected to pilot and one of my sisters sat up front as co-pilot.  Four of moms grandkids would be riding with me in the back of mom's van.  We loaded up, stopped to get lunch and we were off.  Imagine my surprise when we passed the Pala Road exit off Highway 15, which was our usual exit on our way to our usual beach destination, Oceanside.  I asked the pilot, "Where are you going?  Where are you taking us?"  She replied, "Encinitas."  Never hearing of this place before, of course I heard, "Ensenada."  To which I quickly responded, "You can't take us to Mexico!"  She explained that in Encinitas, there was a beach that she and dad had found on one of their adventures.  A while later after pulling off the highway, mom introduces us to the sweetest, most beautiful beach.  On subsequent trips there, I've watched my husband jump waves with our children, my brother Daniel turn my little girl into a sand mermaid, my son boogie board with his cousins for hours and had many other wonderful experiences. 
Payton playing in the water
My big boogie boarder
     I am so thankful to our mom for always instilling into me the importance of memories.

not "Ensenada"

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