Thursday, April 28, 2011

Kitty Hell

Cute isn't she? Well let me tell you a little story.....she is a rescued kitty, approximately 4 or 5 weeks old.  Madison, my daughter, is her new mommy and she has named her Miley, adorable, right?  Madison is a typical teenager, typically she'll be upset that I called her a typical teenager, but hey! I was up for hours last night caring for Miley while Madison slept like the dead.  
Miley didn't wish to cuddle I say, she did not want to play. 
She did not crave a cuddle, she turned her face at a bottle.....
She wanted to scratch! she wanted to bite!
and it seemed she wanted to do this all night!
You can imagine how exhausted I must be to start channeling Dr. Seuss.  What she really wanted was to nurse anything that crossed her path.  While Belle, my Brussels Griffon was curious, she was opposed to the rooting around her belly that Miley was insisting on.  My blanket will never be the same as she clearly mistook it for her momma's fur.  Finally after hours of meoos (she cant meow yet) and being scratched and bit, I was able to coax her into taking a medicine dropper of milk...Actually, I woke Madison's sleepy butt up and she fed her.  This morning I am taking a trip to Petsmart to pick up a kitty nursing kit, I hope that means bottles and I don't have strap on a front-pack with 8 nipples on it.  I'm already stroking her with a damp rag like her mother would to help her go potty.  So my big questions of the day is answered...yes Virginia, there is a Kitty Hell.

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