Thursday, April 28, 2011

Computer Lessons Needed, STAT!

     I am embarrassed to have to excuse our sister, we won't mention any names but she may have been the one that got sunburned yesterday and had a pound of sand down her pants from her trip to the beach with mom, but I've already given too much away.....This particular sister was able to e-mail in her blog, however, it is with deepest humiliation I reveal this, she doesn't know beans about sending photos.  So here's the deal, I am going to contact her genius son, Jonathon, and hopefully we'll get to post her blog tomorrow.
     Our sister Molly promises a blog tomorrow too, everybody fasten your seatbelts! Anyone who has ever met Molly know exactly what I mean.  I can't wait!
     In the meantime, thanks to all of our friends on facebook! Yea! Facebook Friends Rock!  Your support is amazing and we look forward to your blogs.

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