Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Meet Our Baby!

Hello!  I’m Jessica AKA “The Baby.”  That’s right, I’m number 7. I’ve always thought that Clyde and Coleen saved the best for last.   I remember my mom cooking dinner while  my dad played Willie Nelson, or Uncle Willie as we were raised to call him, Dad would grab mom around her waist and swinging her around into his arms.  I always wanted a man like that and I am so blessed to now have one.  All I ever wanted growing up was to be a mom like mine.  A mom that gets her kids ready for school in the morning, I wanted to be home when they got home, like mine was. I wanted to be a mom that gives hugs good enough to make all ouchies better.  My sisters have all chosen to work outside the home at times, and I’ve pitched in too, but all I ever really wanted to be was to be a mom like ours.  Now, I don’t sew my children’s clothes and I don’t burn the marshmallows when I make candied yams like she does, but I am very proud to say that I achieved my goals of being a wife and a momma of 5 kids.  My children's names are Sam 15, Brady 12, Reese 10, Cole 7, and Hayden 5.  My husband Robert and I have been married one year, there is a lot of love in our home amongst our patchwork family.  Robert is a man who isn’t afraid to cry and loves to laugh.  I am so happy that my husband is fun and silly just like me.  Sometimes, he even dances in the laundry room with me while I’m trying to load the dryer.  Um, speaking of Willie Nelson.  Did you know I just found out that he isn’t my Uncle Willie after all?             
P.S. I am also an amateur chicken farmer, very successful in the egg department.  If you have questions, I’d love to answer them if I can.  Please ask in the blog or via e-mail at and I’ll get back at you.

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