Saturday, April 30, 2011

1950's dress

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Madison the Riveter

skull button accents

One of our mom's talents was that she could sew us a dress for any occasion overnight, which she did many times over the years.  The sewing machine was out so often it became a usual sight, like the coffee table or sofa.  This dress is available in various sizes and in black, blue, red, yellow or pink and white check.  The purchasing price is $69 plus a small shipping and handling fee.  For more info, contact our e-mail at

10 things to do to pick up a blah day

10.  Watch Steel Magnolia's while eating chunky monkey ice cream, don't forget the kleenex.

9.   Go for a walk with your pet, you'll both feel better..especially after a quart of chunk monkey.

8.   Go visit a friend in need and provide comfort, bring a dvd of Steel Mag and chunky monkey.

7.   Get some sun, good vitamin D and lifts your spirits, work in the garden then go celebrate with a quart of chunky monkey.

6.   Get out a sketch pad and some crayons, paints, pencils and find your inner Picasso, need ideal?  Hello!draw a pic of a chunky monkey.

5.   Empty your kitchen sink, put in the stoppers and fill the sink (both sides) with HOT water and bleach;  use enough paper towels or cloth soaked in vinegar that you need to completly cover your faucet system, and wrap as good as possible.  Go watch Steel Magnolias, about the time Julia Roberts tells her momma that she's expecting, pause the movie, go pull the plugs on the sink and unwrap vinegar cloths from faucet.  With an old toothbrush, scrub around the sink and faucet area until its completely clean.  Scour out the sink until completely clean.  Spray sink and faucet area with windex and dry completely; you can also shine your now gorgeous sink with lemon oil.  Fold a cloth towel next to sink and use it to dry and shine the sink whenever you use'll feel like a million bucks.  Now go finish the movie with a quart of chunky monkey.

4.    Start a blog about something that really interests you, pets, hobbies, interests, health and diet, what ice cream flavors you prefer, I'd start with chunky monkey.  Use it as a journal, its pretty cathartic.

3.    Get in the car with a diet coke, sunflower seeds and if you are a really good driver and can eat ice cream while at the wheel, get a quart of chunky monkey and take off.  You don't even have to get out of  your p.j.s unless you have to get gas, and thats a judgment call.

2.    Call 3 or 4 sisters or friends over, everybody wears big hats and talk with a southern accent while watching Steel Magnolia's and eating chunky monkey ice cream.....don't forget the mint juleps, if you don't know how to make them, Mojitos work:  crush 3 or 4 mint leaves really well with a tablespoon of sugar in the bottom of a glass (you can use the end of a wooden spoon as a pestal, fill the glass with ice; now, in a martini shaker with ice pour, in a couple shots of rum with a splash of lemon or lime juice, shake and pour into your glass).  Your welcome!

1.    If none of the above sounds appealing then its time to pull out the big guns......TAKE YOUR CLOTHES OFF, or if your too modest, leave on your undies; put on some feel good music, something Joe Cocker, Train, The Boss and dance like no one is looking until you are sweaty and smiling, at least 30 minutes.  Put on a robe, go sit outside and enjoy your chunky monkey.

Number One is a no-fail Green Girl Solution! Feel Better!
Love,  Tobe' #1 on speed-dial.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Congratulations Madison!!!

california birth cards
     Yep, you heard it here first folks!  After many many attempts at obtaining her driver's permit and a couple stabs at getting her actual license, Madison (my sometimes co-editor, #1 go-to girl) received her driver's license on this date today, April 29th, 2011, at approximately 1:15pm PST.  We are so proud of her, it is sometimes so difficult to achieve our goals, short term and long term.  A lesser person may have given up and left themselves to the mercy of public transportation.  What could have been worse (in the eyes of a teenager) than to be left to walk the streets of life the rest of ones natural life?  But Madison will not have to worry about that, after she gets a vehicle anyways......anybody hiring in the near future?

Meet Numero Tres!

Me and my hubby of 17 years
     Hello, it's me #3, also known as one of the "little" Green Girls; also known as Elizabeth but mostly called Buffy.  I have a special woman in my life whom I can always call with the biggest and the smallest news.  This woman has always been there for a good laugh or a much needed cry.  I have talked to her many times over the years about her childhood and the amazing life that she has led, she's taught me the importance of telling my kids my stories and sometimes Nana's too, keeping those memories alive.  But most importantly, she has taught me that the dishes with be there tomorrow, the furniture and floors will always need to be cleaned, but my children will remember the times their mom stopped and made a sand castle, dug for sand crabs and played in the waves with them.  I am so proud to call this woman my mom. 
Our favorite Green Girl!
     Growing up there was one thing I could count on, if we, the three little Green Girls were sent to bed early on a Friday night, we were in for an adventure the next day.  What my mom will gladly admit is that she has an addiction to magazines and sometimes while browsing through one of her magazines, she would come across an interesting place somewhere in the corner of nowhere.  This "nowhere" place became a place that she needed to visit and it was always fun.  It could be an old school house tucked away in a small town or a place that makes the best apple pie you have ever eaten in your life.  It may be a small town museum, it may include a carriage ride.  I have giggled in the backseat of the car with my sisters until I'm blue in the face.  On more than one occasion I have had the opportunity to point out to my baby sister Jessica, the exact rock that we found her on :)  What I appreciate the most is that I was given a gift to give my kids, I learned to create memories.
     A couple of summers ago mom gifted me with a memory that I can keep giving to my children.  On this particular weekday morning, we decided that we want a beach trip.  Mom was elected to pilot and one of my sisters sat up front as co-pilot.  Four of moms grandkids would be riding with me in the back of mom's van.  We loaded up, stopped to get lunch and we were off.  Imagine my surprise when we passed the Pala Road exit off Highway 15, which was our usual exit on our way to our usual beach destination, Oceanside.  I asked the pilot, "Where are you going?  Where are you taking us?"  She replied, "Encinitas."  Never hearing of this place before, of course I heard, "Ensenada."  To which I quickly responded, "You can't take us to Mexico!"  She explained that in Encinitas, there was a beach that she and dad had found on one of their adventures.  A while later after pulling off the highway, mom introduces us to the sweetest, most beautiful beach.  On subsequent trips there, I've watched my husband jump waves with our children, my brother Daniel turn my little girl into a sand mermaid, my son boogie board with his cousins for hours and had many other wonderful experiences. 
Payton playing in the water
My big boogie boarder
     I am so thankful to our mom for always instilling into me the importance of memories.

not "Ensenada"

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Computer Lessons Needed, STAT!

     I am embarrassed to have to excuse our sister, we won't mention any names but she may have been the one that got sunburned yesterday and had a pound of sand down her pants from her trip to the beach with mom, but I've already given too much away.....This particular sister was able to e-mail in her blog, however, it is with deepest humiliation I reveal this, she doesn't know beans about sending photos.  So here's the deal, I am going to contact her genius son, Jonathon, and hopefully we'll get to post her blog tomorrow.
     Our sister Molly promises a blog tomorrow too, everybody fasten your seatbelts! Anyone who has ever met Molly know exactly what I mean.  I can't wait!
     In the meantime, thanks to all of our friends on facebook! Yea! Facebook Friends Rock!  Your support is amazing and we look forward to your blogs.

Kitty Hell

Cute isn't she? Well let me tell you a little story.....she is a rescued kitty, approximately 4 or 5 weeks old.  Madison, my daughter, is her new mommy and she has named her Miley, adorable, right?  Madison is a typical teenager, typically she'll be upset that I called her a typical teenager, but hey! I was up for hours last night caring for Miley while Madison slept like the dead.  
Miley didn't wish to cuddle I say, she did not want to play. 
She did not crave a cuddle, she turned her face at a bottle.....
She wanted to scratch! she wanted to bite!
and it seemed she wanted to do this all night!
You can imagine how exhausted I must be to start channeling Dr. Seuss.  What she really wanted was to nurse anything that crossed her path.  While Belle, my Brussels Griffon was curious, she was opposed to the rooting around her belly that Miley was insisting on.  My blanket will never be the same as she clearly mistook it for her momma's fur.  Finally after hours of meoos (she cant meow yet) and being scratched and bit, I was able to coax her into taking a medicine dropper of milk...Actually, I woke Madison's sleepy butt up and she fed her.  This morning I am taking a trip to Petsmart to pick up a kitty nursing kit, I hope that means bottles and I don't have strap on a front-pack with 8 nipples on it.  I'm already stroking her with a damp rag like her mother would to help her go potty.  So my big questions of the day is answered...yes Virginia, there is a Kitty Hell.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tomorrows blog

Today Buffy (sis #3) took her kids and our mom to Encinitas for a day at the beach.  Buff' promised some pics and to blog a bit about her own self tomorrow.  So until tomorrow, everyone have a great night, sweet deams, good night, don't let the bed bugs bite.....I always lay there a moment after mom would say this to me to see if I could feel any creepy crawlies in the bed,....note to self: never say this to Olivia while tucking her in.  Love, Tobe'

Meet Our Baby!

Hello!  I’m Jessica AKA “The Baby.”  That’s right, I’m number 7. I’ve always thought that Clyde and Coleen saved the best for last.   I remember my mom cooking dinner while  my dad played Willie Nelson, or Uncle Willie as we were raised to call him, Dad would grab mom around her waist and swinging her around into his arms.  I always wanted a man like that and I am so blessed to now have one.  All I ever wanted growing up was to be a mom like mine.  A mom that gets her kids ready for school in the morning, I wanted to be home when they got home, like mine was. I wanted to be a mom that gives hugs good enough to make all ouchies better.  My sisters have all chosen to work outside the home at times, and I’ve pitched in too, but all I ever really wanted to be was to be a mom like ours.  Now, I don’t sew my children’s clothes and I don’t burn the marshmallows when I make candied yams like she does, but I am very proud to say that I achieved my goals of being a wife and a momma of 5 kids.  My children's names are Sam 15, Brady 12, Reese 10, Cole 7, and Hayden 5.  My husband Robert and I have been married one year, there is a lot of love in our home amongst our patchwork family.  Robert is a man who isn’t afraid to cry and loves to laugh.  I am so happy that my husband is fun and silly just like me.  Sometimes, he even dances in the laundry room with me while I’m trying to load the dryer.  Um, speaking of Willie Nelson.  Did you know I just found out that he isn’t my Uncle Willie after all?             
P.S. I am also an amateur chicken farmer, very successful in the egg department.  If you have questions, I’d love to answer them if I can.  Please ask in the blog or via e-mail at and I’ll get back at you.

Save yourself from being a Bridezilla on your most important day

Everyone has a friend that everything she does turns out beautiful, you know the one that can walk into a thrift shop and buy a dress that makes her look like a super model?  What about the friend that in the middle of chaos can sort things out faster than a speeding bullet until all you hear are birds singing and music playing, lol.  Molly, sister number four (number one if you ask her) is very talented in organizational skills, she thinks of everything!  You will meet her personally soon because this blog could not exist without her.  In the meantime, I wanted to invite you to check out her website.  She is your number one girlfriend to go to for all of your wedding needs.   So check her out and blog us if you have any questions.