Thursday, May 19, 2011

10 Best Reasons To Drink Coffee, or have a cuppa' as we say in our kitchen

10.  When, surprise!, your kid has a report on the civil war due tomorrow and its 7:30pm.

9.  Neighbors/neighbor's dogs/neighbor's kids kept you up all night and you need to function.

8.  Sister/Friend needs your shoulder at 11:00pm to cry about boyfriend/husband....again.

7.  Loooong drive trip and whew! the kids finally fell asleep.

6.  Term paper/work assignment/blog has to be done tonight.

5.  There's a bottle of Jameson's and sweet cream on hand, Irish Whiskey anyone?

4.  Sitting at the hospital waiting for your sister/friend to give birth.

3.  Because you just had a fab nap and want a wake up (one of my favorites).

2.  Because it's morning and mornings were made for a cuppa'.

1.  Because there's still a bottle of Jameson's and sweet cream on hand and it would be a shame to waste it dontcha know.

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