Sunday, May 22, 2011

Garage Sale (plus) Prom Night (equals) Comatose Mom

We will have prom pictures to post as soon as we can get it together.  A couple of us Green Girls had a massive garage sale this weekend that went great.  Sold lots of stuff that we didn't need or want, thank you neighbors!  Thank you Hemet people!

Our nieces and nephews were a great help, we set up a killer snack bar for them to sell muffins, candy bars, blow pops, sodas, energy drinks and water.  Best laid plans and all, webasically we had a bunch of hyped up preteens running around the house while our older girls prepared for prom, not the best idea we've had lately.

Hemet High School prom was at a resort in Palm Springs, we chauffeured the kids there, dropped them at the resort that was hosting the shebang, I have to say,everyone was so beautiful and handsome, Hemet High really puts out some good looking kids.  We really appreciated that the kids didn't give us a hard time about driving them there.  While our prom goers exited the car and we observed everyone, it brought back great memories for us of our prom nights and it made us think that we would like to hear yours.

The Green girl moms then went to nearby Flemings Steak House for dinner, SO amazing!  We totally recommend the grilled Ahi appetizer and the Fleming potato side dish.  Safe to say, everything on the menu is quite memorable.  After dinner, we walked around the small mall and then sat outside near a beautiful waterfall area drinking Starbucks's skinny vanilla iced lattes and eating the most delicious gourmet apples.  There were dipped in carmel and chocolate with broken pieces of toffee and dipped in more milk and white chocolate, pecans and more carmel, are you kidding me?  So impossibly heavenlySome of our best dates our with ourselves.

Understandably, we have fallen into a comatose state, I am not really awake, I am sleep blogging in my underwear.....

Please comment and tell us your prom memories.

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