Thursday, May 5, 2011

I was blind..but now I see, thank you Walmart!

Today I spent an hour or so at the optometrist at Walmart's for a contact lens exam.  The doctor was so pleasant as was the office staff, I really have to complement them on their "bedside" manner.  Following the exam, I was given my contacts to try out for a week.  I am wearing my reading glass prescription in my left eye and my distance script in my right.  Half of Hemet probably thinks that I am interested in them because I continuously wink one eye or the other, lol.

The great part is that when I came home and put my make up on, it was nice to be able to see when I put on my eye make up, on the other hand, I now realize how much make up is now necessary.

My eyes feel a little dry and I can feel the outline of the lenses very lightly on my eyeball.  Its not a "I've got something in my eye feeling," its not in any way painful nor are my eyes watering.

BTW: Did you know that we have about 27 tear ducts located on our bottom lid?  Apparently, as we mature, this ducts become blocked or clogged by hardened mucus, oils, etc; which can cause dry eyes and irritation.  So, the tip of today is: every night close your eyes and lightly wash your lash area with a cloth or cotton swap wet with a little warm water.

And remember, now that I have full vision with my new contacts, some of you may be better looking than I previous thought....and some not so much.

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