Friday, October 28, 2011

We are back and we are on FIRE!

Hey Guys and Gals,
Did you miss us?  We missed you!  We apologize profusely for neglecting our blog, we had a very busy summer and beginning of school year.  Lots of great things happened and some not so great.  To bring you up to speed on a few things: 

Please allow us to introduce our newest Green Girl: Kara Green.  Kara married our brother Jeremy on August 20th, 2011, at Swaami beach in Encinitas.  It was the most perfect day at the beach and we love our new sister very much.  We were also blessed with a new nephew, Dylan, who is the rockin'est boogieboarder that ever came outta Texas!

Molly is very busy waiting for her new home to close escrow.  She is also finishing up her curriculum planning for the couponing classes that she will be teaching at the local colleges and recreation centers.  The program calendars are being printed and as soon as they go to press, we will let you know so you can sign up!

Tobe' has been busy couponing with her daughter Katie, the newlywed who has taken the first steps to building a stockpile! 

The other Green Girls have young children getting back into school but they are still couponing and we are all making sure to keep in touch.  We have a Green Girl family outing coming up in a two weeks, the entire family is getting together for a big turkey dinner at Bogart Park, in Cherry Valley.  We had a few family get togethers, even camped at Bogart Park over mid and late summer and we love it!  Here is the caveat emptor (buyer beware) There are real live bears trolling through the campsites looking for yummy trash, very exciting for the kids however, very crowded in the sleeping bags with the scared, excited kids.

We have new dishes to share, an Italian lamb dish that is so good, you will not believe how easy it is!  We also have great ideas for making special days at school, like breast cancer awareness day, special with iinexpensive, quick, custom made t-shirts.

So jump back on the Green Girl train and enjoy the ride!!!!
Don't be a stranger ya'all!

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  1. While I think it's great you had a busy summer, you left us hanging here. You had a recipe contest for Paula Deen Cookware that you failed to honor. I wrote you several emails as well as posts and you didn't respond. I think you have a responsibility to your readers.